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Design Essentials: Design to Prototype    

Expedite fees waived for urgent medical components.

As the world’s fastest digital manufacturing source for on-demand production parts, we can increase your speed to get Medical components to the frontline.

We are committed to prioritising these orders and are therefore waiving expedite fees in order to get critical medical supplies into the market.

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Need to get your idea to market quickly? Then you need the best possible digital manufacturing support. From initial CAD upload, through to prototyping and on-demand production, we can get your component to market quicker than anyone else. We’re like your R&D production line, controlled from your workspace.
Protolabs recognises the importance of Continuing Professional Development as a key way to help engineers further develop their knowledge and skills; to enhance their professional competence.

In this episode, we discuss how Protolabs can help get your part from Design to Prototype. The topics we will be talking through today are: 
  • Choosing a 3D CAD program for moulding design 
  • Mastering ProtoQuote to create better parts 
  • Proper Resin Flow 
  • Application Engineers 
  • Selecting the right plastic for your parts
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